Concluding my adventure in “Blog Land”

The sun has set on my journey through social media with this blog as a vehicle to document my journey. It has been a rewarding experience navigating my way through the social media ocean. I have moved from a social media novice to being a little closer to becoming a social media “know it all.”

I have come away from this experience feeling proud of my blog, hoping it is both entertaining and informative.

Social media is the way of the future. The Library industry has embraced the possibilities that it offers. I hope as a future Library employee I will have the opportunity to inform, educate and endear library clients through the use of Social Media-encouraging the public to explore all the treasures that a Library can provide.

You can continue to “follow” me if you wish to via Twitter @theknowitall123

Good bye fellow bloggers and good luck to my classmates.


Video Sharing, the youtube experience, the Library industry

I was pleasantly surprised to find that YouTube is being used by the Library industry to inform the viewing public.There is nothing more engaging than to be able to watch a video that is both informative and entertaining.I enjoyed being able to access television interviews with past pop culture icons.I was also grateful to be offered lessons from Libraries in how to use their resources.The National Library of Australia is a great example of this.I encourage you to access this resource at

National Library of Australia

Pinterest in the Library Domain

Libraries are using Pinterest in a very effective way to inform,engage and educate their users. I was impressed by the ICE Libraries use of this social media tool.It is visually stunning,easily navigated around,uncluttered and beautifully organised.The images that have been chosen for public display are interesting and draw the user into the world of Civil Engineering through the use of these images.

A picture tells a thousand words…so be careful to use your privacy settings correctly






The heavens seemed angry on the evening that I took this picture. Did I feel that I needed to use a photo sharing website to store or share  this photo? The answer is no. I moved this shot from my android phone straight to my blog.

If I had many images that I would like to share with the world or with family I can understand why many find photo sharing websites so appealing. Please remember to choose your privacy settings wisely….any image that is taken out of context can be understood in a way that was unintended by the one doing the posting.

The way in which libraries are using these photo sharing websites is truly remarkable. Preservation of our past by creating digital photo libraries is fascinating. I found the option that encourages comments about the photos from viewers very progressive-a means to gain greater understanding and information about the featured photographs. The link below provides an example of this:-


I have finally landed on planet Twitter!

I promised you some commentary regarding my adventure establishing a Twitter Account……….brace yourself…..or maybe that will not be necessary because I didn’t encounter any problems! The process was simple and straight forward. I also found it quite exciting.

I was prompted to follow 15 Tweeters that were of interest to me. Following this  I was prompted to add a profile picture and I  was so pleased to upload theknowitall123 Gravatar on my Twitter page. I was then required to provide a “BIO” or a summary of who I was, for this I typed in “social media consumer”……my anonymity was preserved!.

My first tweet can be found @theknowitall123

My first Tweet!! ….no  wonder Tweeting has become so popular. It’s addictive. Once there it is so hard to leave because the temptation to read the comments of those that you are following is irresistible.

social networking and privacy

I like many others have a Facebook  account. I really do not feel comfortable linking my personal Facebook account with this blog because I feel it an invasion of privacy. The blogging world provides an opportunity to discuss issues of public interest……publicly whereas Facebook provides me with the opportunity to catch up with close family and friend….I hesitate to use my Facebook account to leave a comment on any Facebook page including the Facebook pages provided by most public libraries simply because my photograph appears right next to my comment! hardly anonymous! The remedy to this predicament is to create a twitter account  that I could use  precisely for the purpose of posting comments on other sites…..

In upcoming posts I will be commenting on my adventures  establishing a Twitter account…..expect a riveting tale of micro blogging and a selection of people and organizations that have appealed to me….

I have also included a link to the National Library Of Australia Facebook page as an example of a sophisticated way of using Facebook to inform clients as to what the library offers and the  way in which it seeks to promote dialogue between staff and clients through the use of social networking. The tone is friendly and informative and therefore creating a very positive vibe.

National Library of Australia